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09:15am 18/02/2005
mood: accomplished
Hey people. I have decided to throw this ugly LJ away and make a new and improved one. I need help deciding on a new name, anyone got some idears? ttyl
08:36am 11/02/2005
mood: blah
So for being in the Honor Orchestra, I get to play in a philharmonic performance. We're playing the "Firebird" and "Procession of the nobles", there is more but the H.O. only is going to play those. I must admit the Firebird is pretty confusing, while Procession of the Nobles is easy. Has anyone played these pieces? I was Listening to the Phil. Practice and the cellos have to play a Soli piece called the "Swan" has anyone played or heard it? They said that the cello most ressembles a Swan because of the long neck, what do you think?
while i was in the H.O. and Playing with the phil. i met a GREAT cellist named Dieter Wulfherst and an extremley good Violinst Named Susan Doering. I did some research and found out they have a duo together named the Emerald Duo. They are both well known for their soloing and guests in Orchestras. Has anyone heard of either?
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First Time? Michael's Friend's true story   
09:47am 22/01/2005
mood: confused
So I've had this friend for like three years now and when we first met we hated eachother for the longest time until we got into high school then he wasn't such a jerk anymore and he became a really good friend. So the other night me and my friends Michael and chrissy where at a school basketball game for our pep/jazz band and our friend who we shall call "JL" is always telling us he has a small dick and he happened to say it again in the gym while we were all there. So michael and chrissy tell me to go see how big it really is because why would someone want to tell people it's small. So michael kept pressuring me to do it. So I did. When he showed me I had my hand over his eyes cause it would just be to weird to have one of your bestfriends looking at you at the sametime while your looking at him. After that I started acting really weird around him by the end of the night almost completely avoiding him he came up to me and asked me if we can talk so I was like sure why not. He ended up telling me like after 5 mins. of trying to get it out that he raelly liked me. And I honestly didn't know what to say. After that I told I had to get going because my mom was coming to get me to take me home. But right as I was walking out the room he told me he wanted to be my first. OMG! what do you say to something like that? I thought it gross but I would never want things to change between us and I could never see myself with him. I'm really scared that I'm going to act different around him and I don't want to. So if you have any idea how to react to something like his plz give me your thoughts and views.
Pismo Band Review   
11:45am 07/11/2004
mood: curious
This Saturday was the 2004 Pismo Band Review/Clam Festival. Our band went to compete. We got 5th...out of 6 bands. We beat San Luis Obispo, Handford West took Sweepsteaks (half of their band was gay....ha ha) and Roosevelt took 1st. On the way there we had fun. this stupid kid had a voice changer and me, michelle, jackie, bryan,and Crissy were playing with it. Bryan was making me wonder...Hey kept telling me to suck and cock and stupid stuff like that, in a very provocative voice lol! then he told "You go both ways right?", I said yes. He told me"so you like a pair of tits too?" I said yea, and he would just keep messing with around with me. He's sooo cute. when we were done with the parade we went to go walk around and stuff and him and a few other guys came with us. It was fun.
On the way back I was really sad because I gave him a braclet and he gave it back to me later on, and jackie's dumbass told me, "you scared him, he's hella scared" so I felt really dumb. I layed down and covered my face. I didn't want to talk to anyone. Later on he told jackie "What did you tell david?" and he kept asking her, and she said "I told him you got scared" he told her "Why would I be scared of him?" and Jackie didn't say anything. After awhile I took one of Crissy's Puck-me-up pills and we started talking and playing games. We were telling stories and Bryan was making this dumbass stories about a 'gay guy' (me) and 'a whore' (michelle) and how we made porns and fucked some guys...lol. He was practicing on his drum pad and I kept telling him "suck a cock", "thats hella gay", and "aye..aye... your gay" and he would tell me stuff back and we'd all laugh. So what do you guys think, is he Bi material or just being VERY open minded?
01:01pm 30/10/2004
  Last night was the best football game of the year. It was @ sunnyside and we were laughing and talking shit the whole game. The Highlights of the night was when me and jackie were throwing stuff at sexy Brian and Michelle, and the other was when we did our salute (you know when the other band sends their drumline and/or some horns a color guards) Sunnyside came over with their jazz dancers and 1 trombone, 3 trumpets, and 1 tuba. They were ASSHOLES! they came over wearing a FHS t-shirt and tore it up and started stomping on it and threw it on brians face! then their gay ass snare player came up and played on dizzy's drum. And when Dizzy went over to play in his drum the fucker took it off and put it behind his back, when dizzy went to go behind him he put it on the side and wouldn't let him do it. Nappy got really mad and dropped his drum to go down there. I guess sunnyside got scared and put the drum in the middle. Then dizz burned their ass by playing on his drum and the sunnyside drums. The color guard girl asked michelle if we brought our guard, michelle said no, and the bitch said 'Well next time bring your guard' and turned away. Michelle got mad and put on her cymbals, went out there and started flipping them. It was funny. Overall they were assholes and sick. Me and Jackie are suppose to be in the next salute and Im warning you now we are going to be the shit.

I woke up at about 11 today and I was just in time to watch the Reedly and Fowler band in the Selma Band Review. They were good, but Reedly had a fucking Violin in the band. Marching Band is just that a band, leave all your fancy shit for field shows. And being a string player also I can say that. Right now Iam DL-ing our march for this year, Im going to see if i could find last years march so i can have all of them.

OMG@! this really cute Trumpet player that use to go to FHS is bi! His Name is Julian and he's really hot! his friend told Jackie and Jackie told me. His friend said that he would tap that ass (meaning me) OMG i was soo suprised~!
Im supposed to go to Melissa's Halloween Party tonite, and I still need to get my doctors costume. Well I think Im going to to go look for my costume now, I will talk to you guys lata.
Dr. Quinday
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11:00pm 24/10/2004
mood: Mixed Emotions
Winter Formal is on Jan. 31st. I was going to ask this freshman girl thats in my bio. class. She's really cute and smart. But then one of the letter girls from band, we always flirt and she knows about my sexuality, told me not to ask her because she wanted to go with me. So I guess we are going to go together. I was thinking about it and I think Im going to have one of my peeps from band get a room for after the formal and I dont know what will happen but I know it would be fun. We dont know the theme yet but I have to get her ticket and her crosage, or however you spell it, and then she was like we are we going to get a limo? I didn't know what to say.

I dont know why but, all of a sudden I really want to work out and get into shape. I have stopped doing my pilates and everything since school started. I noticed that I still look skinnier then before but I really want to get all of this extra weight off and start looking good. Tomorrow I will wake early and do my 20 min. of pilates + my 20-40 crunches. From now on I will start making myself do it.

Today we had our 2nd parade. It was the Pride and Appreciation parade. It was right infront of our school and we were the first marching band to march. Of course there was the natural drama with michelle, jackie, and me but whatever. The band really has to pick it up. We have Pismo Band Review and the Sacramento Ragtime Festival coming up...SOON! It's time to start being the trombone's section leader and less of their friend.I was watching "Bring It On", I love that movie, and in the begining there is a scene where they do this roll call thing and I made one up for our section leaders in the band. here it is, Crissy you know about all this.
'Dont hate us 'cause we're beautiful, and we dont like you either. We're section leaders, we are section leaders! (roll call)
(Adam our trumpet leader) Call me Big Churo (YEA!)
(Me, trombone leader) Call me Big 'D'(YEA!)
(Nelly, Flute leader) Call be Lil' Gangsta (YEA!)
(LeAnna, Clarinet Leader) Call me Big Nazty (YEA)'
-HA HA, I thought that was funny. But yea, so I think im going to check up on some stuff talk to y'all later.
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12:57am 10/10/2004
  Hey people. Well it's been awhile since I last updates. Since then I have been getting good grades almost a 4.0!!! and some girls like me which isn't really exciting but I guess I should be flattered. Today my parents went to the Santa Cruz for the day. It was nice to be home alone. I got on the compuuter took off my windows Xp, which by the way SUCKS, and put on my Windows ME. While I was Dl-ing all of my programs I put on the song, "Dawn" by The Cinematic Orchestra and I washed dishes. I know that washing the dishes isn't really a relaxing activity but that song can make anything tranquil. I was just standing there thinking about how my life is going to go and where I'll end up in the future. You know now more then ever I've been thinking about someone to be with. Im getting soo lonely. I was thinking of all the possibilities for a relationship and it came down to; That Jeff guy, Katie, or some freak from the internet. This sucks! my friends tell me im not bad looking, and if that was true why cant I find anyone? These new classes that I have are starting to take my mind of guys but its still back there in my head. I have to have my money in the office of school Mon. morning so I can take the PSAT test. its basically a Prep test for the SAT next year. I went to the website and the math is the only thing I cant get. I WAS NEVER GOOD AT MATH@! OH YEA, and some ghetto mother fucker from Fresno Ghetto Fucking High School took my Hollister Co. Cologne from my back pack on Fri. and I went balistic! I was asking everyone if they took it or if they knew who did. Stupid Fuck Faces. I ate to much pizza and now I can taste the Pizza still in my mouth. WOW its really cold for Fresno. I think im going to post in my other community, ill post a little later.
Much Love,
05:02pm 25/09/2004
mood: aggravated
This week was pleasent. I got all of my Classes switched to Gate (Gifted And Talented Education). I've wanted to since the begining of school and all I needed was a little push...I got it. On Tuesday, I was sitting in class and my friend Michelle was sitting infront of me. The Substitute asked us to read the first chapter of the "Outsiders", I was reading, meanwhile the Sub. passed the sheet around where everyone had to sign for Attendance. Michelle asked if everyone had signed it and when she did of the low life 'gangstas' said "Aye, shut up girl!" michelle asked "WTF are you talking to?" he said the girl behind you...I was the only PERSON sitting behind her. I was use to the name calleing and just turned around as I usually did when someone said something stupid. Then the Ignorrant assholes started throughing stuff at me, I kept saying STOP and they kept doing until I had enough. I got up from the desk and through my book on the desk and walked out. The sub sent Michelle to look for me. I went to My counselor and told her what happened and that I was tired of keeping my mouth shut and was tired of having to deal with this, I put up with it all last year and was finally fed up! she told me that the Faculty was getting ready for training on "Bullying" and was asking me questions. Iam now in all gate classes, as I said before. The only harder class I have now is AP (advanced placement) European History...Its hard and challenging and puts alot of pressure on you, I love it! Crissy is finally coming to school and has switched all of her classes to mine.
Last night wwe had our football game against Central East @ Central. It was fun. Their Drumline came to our side and tried to show us off. Their drum major just stood there infron of them with his batton and looked at Dizzy (our drum major) with the 'Fighting' Look. little did they know we we're the most ghettoess school in the Valley and could pull shit from nowhere. Our drumline went up and showed their asses, all our onlookers were booing them and the look on their faces changed awhole lot. It was tight.
I was watching the VH1 show "I love the 90's" and they were making fun of the Sinead O'Connor song "Nothing Compares to You". I really Like. I also got;
-Father Figure, George Michael
-Le Belle Et La Bad Boy, Mc Solaar
-Sweet home Alabama, Jewel
-Those songs fucking Rock!
Starting next week we can start challenging for first chair in Orchestra. I CANT WAIT! The first chair, Marlene, Heard me telling someone I was going to Challenge her so now shes showing off and being a total bitch to me. But that just makes it worst, She is going DOWN! He said we are most likely going to challenge on this stupid elementary song called 'Londonderry Air'. Piece of cake. So yea, I'm going to see what other songs I should DL. Got any Suggestions?
Peace Out... A-Town
Oh yea, It says I have a Paid Account?!
03:39pm 18/09/2004
  Hey Guys. Haven't updated lately. ALOT has happened to me since then. First of all, I got my fav. mocked sweater that I've been admiring for MONTHS!... Im in the marching band right? ok well, I was playing and my friend Randy came up to me and said she had a guy friend that thinks im really cute and he wanted to meet me...I said I couldn't talk right then, and I really didn't like him. I know its really superficial but he's really ugly and I heard he was an ass. I know his cousin, Hardcore 'gangsta' Stephanie. Anywho, He found me at the fire drill a few days after, He wanted to meet up...I just ignored the fact. MY 'friend' thought I really need someone and told him to meet me at the band room on Wed., I didn't know this until the day before, I was dreading it! the day came and then I saw him waiting for me infront of the door. I told him that I had to take a test real quick and to wait for me, to buy me some time to think. I asked my friend Corina what I should do and she told me to tell him that I had a Boy-Friend and I didn't want to talk to anyone right now, She told me not to go out there and she would do it. She did and he got mad. I felt really bad...the scary thing is the guy is trying to stalk me now, always asking where Iam and telling people that I told him to meet me some where. SCARRY!
People are telling me that I've lost weight and that I look cute. I was so excited when people started telling me that! my friends Katie and Nelly caught me in daze sitting a paticular way and they started freaking out sayin that I looked like a model and that they wanted a picture, They did. There's this Freshmen girl and this senior guy that likes me...Its really flattering! but I cant really find anyone that is smart, intellectual, cute, and Emotional.
Last night the marching band had to go to a football game at Madera. We were playing our songs and I guess my Friend Jose was trying to get Michelle's attention and he yelled "AYE, QUEER!" just kidding, and this new trombone guy that is trying to take my chair, which would be first because im the First chair, said "If you want a queer he's up there". Wrong Move. Jose told me and me and that trombone kid has had words before, I yelled at him and said "Who the fuck are you calling a queer, you dont know me to be calling me a queer" and He was too scared to say anything. Later he tried to apologize and said he was just playing. Im tired of these fucking hetero's thinking anyone that is gay is scared to fight or say anything back, well not this one!
Oh yea, I got a free ticket for the Philharmonic tickets from my teacher, Iam soo Excited! and I got my cell phone hooked up! yay!
Hope to talk to you soon!
Is anyone else out here addicted to the GAP commercial with Sara Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz? Iam currently DL-ing the video and song! woo woo
10:55pm 06/09/2004
You Are The Clingy Gay Man
10:46pm 06/09/2004
mood: confused
Hey ppl. I found this really cool song called "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton and its really good. Shes talking about her first time one summer, and how she got hurt by him in the end, but she cant be mad at him. I know I go on and on about this but, I was talking to my friend Samantha and we've been friends since Kindergarten and even shes got boy-friend...thats sad. She asked if I had anyone special right now and I said no. Will I ever find a boy-friend or girl-friend? I just wish this world wasn't so hetero. There has to be gay people at my school, but they are soo scared about coming out and it sucks. I see ppl at school kissing and hugging, I hear songs about ppl being in love...its like where ever I go theres people in love... Its like in that movie, "Loser" she wants to be one of those 'lucky people' who are in love with someone and they are in love with them.

I just want someone to love me. Im doing eberything I can to be more 'attractive' losing weight, working out, changing my hair style, wearing clothes that everyone else wears...Its not right, i know, but i keep hoping that someone will see me and like me. It seems like me luck with love is very slim. Almost everyone of my friends say that Iam to young to be worring about finding someone and why I would want someone at 15, But im not like the rest of the nasty, tough headed, and close minded 15 yr. olds. Im sorry for complaing about this to you guys but I was hoping someone felt the same way and could relate. The ugliest feeling I ever felt was lonliness and emptiness. Whats wrong with me? what am i doing wrong? why me? is it the way I dress? the way I act? WHAT?!

Young gay americans dont get enough credit for all the shit we have to go through; The fear of coming out becasue of the str8 assholes here, the fear of rejection from peers and parents, the fear not being accepted by todays society...all that! I dont think anyone gay or straight should have to go through that. And there had been a few times where I felt like doing something bad to myself because of the way I was treated or had something said to me. Why should we have to fight for the right to get married or show affection for who we want? you see straight people holding hands, kissing and all of that in public and on movies but do you ever see a gay couple do that and not have something whispered or yelled out critisizing them? No. People tell me to get use to it because it will never change...I dont think we should 'get se to it', but I dont think we should have to.

Yea tomorrow's a new day, with the same old shit.
-A lonley Teen
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06:35pm 21/08/2004
  Hey fellow Prince fans, Well I have a question. I was watching Purple Rain, and there is this song he sings, there isn't alot of words. Its all blue and the guitar is playing in the begining, its a really good song and i cant get the name of it, does anyone know what the name of the song is?
A nite in tower with the Girls   
02:53pm 21/08/2004
  Last night Jackie, Michelle, and Myself went to spend part of the night in the Historical Tower District...he he, it was fun. When we first got there we went to Retro rag, got mad becasue I didn't find any of the shirts I wanted. Talked to the gay guy behind counter, got his picture, bought a little black button with a blue and white star (I love Stars)went to Me n Eds, ate pizza with evan. Went to Starfucks and bought a Vanilla Creme (It tasted like an horchatta) walked around forever saw 3 rastas..lol, Barbizon models, Drunk girl throw up infron of Bobby Salazars, hella cute people. Acted stupid infront of me n eds waiting for michelle's mom because i was tired. Got picked up went back to micelles house. Saw Joey (her brother) wearing nothing but his boxers with his fat ass girl-friend, changed to go swimming went swimming at about 11, went inside by myself in the dark and bumped into joeys ass....omg, went home. That was my last night of freedom until school starts on Mon. I just heard that Marching band is going to be at 5th period which means that there is going to be some nasty, sweaty fat kids in the band room.....UGHFDGHJKL:!  
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08:58pm 17/08/2004
mood: horny



                                       Tell me thats not hoT!!??!?!!

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01:40pm 14/08/2004
mood: confused
hey ppl, this is a poem that I wrote on the first day of camp, lol, its a little stupid but yea...;
Away From Home
I might say..."i can't wait to leave"
or try to make you pick up the speed
then the ride away i start thinking,
God, away from home.

The Destination.
The place of a Foreign Nation.
The afternoon goes by quick.
Then the dark...not even a flick.

The ones I say I hated,
And wished were sedated
Are now the ones closest to my heart.
Away from Home.

Maybe next time i'll think...
before i say something stinks
that when im in Foriegn Soil
and thats all i can think.
I will remember how if feels being
Away from Home.

- yes i know its kind of retarted.
01:36pm 14/08/2004
mood: awake
-About you-
Name: David aka Michael
Ethnic Background: Filipino/Mex
Hair color:Blu/black
Location: Fresno, Ca
Sexual preference: Men
Relationship status: Single....:(
Hobbies: Playing my Cello, Shopping, Meeting new people.
Favorite movies: Bend it like Beckham, All over the Guy, The Notebook, just off my head.
Music: Everything! mostly stuff people dont like.
Describe your perfect first date:(only applys for peopl who like music and culture) a trip to the Record store, go to an art gallery, trip to the movies, and a whatever happens next...lol
- Just a little Bio I got from some where, everyone do it so we can get to know each other better.
03:01pm 10/08/2004
mood: extatic!
Hey guys, well Im super happy! I spent all of my three days back from camp trying to find a piece we played in Music Camp called "Shepherd's Boy" in the Lyrische Suite of Edvard Grieg, and finally today I got it! I suggest that every single one of you to get it ASAP! it is a wonderful piece that words cant even explain!
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09:37pm 09/08/2004
the scar you're most proud ofthe one on my Thumb.
your favorite condimentButtermilk Ranch Dressing
if you have frecklesno, freckles
your preferred method of cookingBy Wok
what shoes you're wearingOld Navy Black Sandals
how many children you have0
the first person you french kissedAshley
your preferred breed of dogGreat Dane or Golden Retriever
where you were bornFresno, ca
what color underwear you're wearingLight Blue
where your keys are right nowin my Back Pack
if you have split endsno, split ends
when you last got laidabout 2-3 months ago
your opinion on airline foodnever been on a Airplane
what cosmetic surgery you would considerTummy Tuck/Lypo
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onThe Side :)
your worst maladyVanessa
if your mum loves your dadI dont know....lol
if you can sing wellI can sing pretty good
what your olympic event would beSwimming
someone you admireYo-Yo Ma
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapGuam
the last time you criedYesterday
your most interesting sexual congress locationin the dinning room
part of the Sunday papers you read firstLife
the languages you speakEspanol y English y Hmong
the religion you were raised inCatholic
if you can draw wellNO!
your favorite photographthe one of 2 guys kissing that says Love.
what you should be doing instead of thisPilates

09:25pm 09/08/2004
mood: cheerful
Hey guys. Well I'm back from camp! It was fun...Today I went to Band Practice and I was playing very very good! I was paying attention to my dynamics and everything. I guess Camp is paying off. So when I was walking into the band room today my fellow trombonist Katie said to me,"have you been doing your Pilates, because it looks like you lost weight?!" I was sooo flattered! so yea I guess I should watch my work outs. I fixed Penelope (My original Cello) today and she sounds good as new. The thing is that her A string is about to break off anytime, so now I have 2 Cellos and 2 Trombones at my house...yay yay. I've been looking everywhere to Dl the songs that we played up there, mostly the Lyricshe Suite (or Lyric Suite) and i cant find it anywhere! Right now im eating pizza, Drinking Cold water, and watching that Indian Movie "Bend It Like Beckham" Its pretty good, Ill talk to you guys later. David
07:48pm 08/08/2004
  Hey Ppl. Well I just returned from my 8-day stay from Lake Seqouia Symphonic Music Camp! So now I can say..."One time at band camp..."..yea, I played my Cello, and i made 5th Chair, My lucky number. I beat a private lesson student who had been playing longer than me. she was also my 4th and 6th grade best friend. We had hardcore practicing and rehearsals....i loved it! We played three songs in Symphonic Band which were;
-Highlights of ShowBoat by Jerome Kern
-Overture Dicther und Bauer by Fr. V. Suppe
-Wellington's Victory or the Batlle of Vittoria, Op.91 by Beethoven
The Beethoven has never been played in Fresno, so our teacher called our performance a Premiere of the piece.
So yea we had 7 times of playing a day, it was heaven@! so yea i really liked it anyone here go as well?